Handle JAVA in an enterprise environment

JAVA is infamous for frequent updates – and large amounts of popups on sites, requiring users to make a choice. In general, this is usually not a problem, but it’s a behavior I don’t want it to display. Likewise, some settings are not “user friendly”, and I want to manage […]

Getting a Skype MSI file

I often mass install programs like Skype via Configuration manager – and nothing pleases me more than a MSI file.   The easiest way (at least i know of) – is going to the official Skype site, and download the desktop install file.  ( www.skype.com ) Once downloaded, you can […]

Pagefile problem in Hyper-V. Temporary created.

I had some challenges lately with a few SQL servers. Every time i logged in – i recieved a message about problems related to the swap file: Windows created a temporary pagingfile on your computer because of a problem that occurred with your paging file configuration when you started your […]

Add feature: .Net 3.5 (including 2.0 and 3.0) – Fails

I have tried on several occasions, where I wanted to add .Net 3.5 on a server 2012 – even on Windows 8, where I encounter a “cannot install”‘ish message.   Sometimes it has been a restriction in wsus policy, offline, and others – well, I really don’t actually know 🙂 Recently […]

Scripting Mailbox export with powershell.

  Long story short – I have a mailbox I need a weekly export of (ill create a file for every week), and I quickly ran into some trouble regarding the dates and the new-mailboxexport command. When I run the command in a shell manually – it worked fine.. but […]

Outlook 2013, Folder pane is suddenly blank

If you – like me, manage an Enterprise environment, then you might already have encountered a “funny thing” in Outlook.   Where you would expect to see Inbox, Sent and so on, see the text fade-in just to vanish. Now you only see a big blank rectangle.   I tried […]

Mailbox language

Mailbox language. Its often particular seen in environments, that has been upgraded from older versions, that outlook will show mixed foldernames between users. Now im from Denmark so, the primary “Inbox” should be named “Indbakke“. They both will be there. Most times, it can be corrected by moving all content from […]

Pretty pictures in Outlook / AD.

You have most likely seen the pictures of others in Outlook 2010. Its easy todo and takes very little effort. Now – before you go about, importing pictures for all your users – you should keep a few things in mind: a picture shouldnt be larger than 96×96 pixels. a […]

Run mailbox-policies, Now.

Ever done some “Permanently Delete” retension policy and tag, for some automated mailbox, and you want to run it right away ? Easy – powershell is your friend (again ;)) Start-ManagedFolderAssistant <mailbox> Where mailbox is the identity ofc. Easy as that 🙂