About me




So.. What about me ?

Well – for starters, I’m an IT-professional, working with primarily Microsoft technologies, but not exclusive. This I have done for 15 years through various industries like heavy industry, hospitals, banking and the energy sector.

I work with Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Configuration manager, VM-Ware, PowerShell, VB-script, HP data-protector, Direct Access, automated installation and more (I should just direct you to my LinkedIn profile )

For “hobbies” and supplement for my daily job – I do some ASP (classic .. yea I know, I just never got on to .net), PHP,  IIS, and love combining as much of the above as possible – by for example combining PowerShell, doing some lists from exchange to provide it in a web-browser (you get the idea).

I believe in aiming high designing something – and not settle for “second best”. This sets the ambition at a pretty high level, which often can be a pain – but the gain is worth it all, both in learning and the result. (It also creates tension between you and co-workers if they don’t have this drive – so beware ). I also combine my other love, Astronomy, with programming.

My IT-Career started a LONG time ago, on Commodore 64 (some Vic 20) – and moved on to my highly loved Amiga 500 – and later 1200. I still have a working A600, no idea where my A1200 (with hard drive) is anymore

I never got to do any major releases on the Demo scene, but I was there – never regret it – and did alot assembly code to the 680×0. Tried asm on the 386/486 – and hated it.. The Pentium arrived and protected mode, and it got a lot better – but spending all my programming in ansi C/C++ I only did some inline asm. Nowadays in don’t do demo-code anymore.. a shame really.. like people good at drawing, neglect it – and ends up forgetting. I’d like to take it up again.. someday..

Well.. got a bit carried away there – became a bit longer writing than intended. Feel free to ask


Thank you for reading (if you are still there )

Kind regards

Daniel A. Lauritzen