Reset Search Index on a database, in Exchange 2013

So we had this problem – when making a search (in this case – mails received between 2 dates), outlook showed what seemed to be random or half of what expected.

The solution was to reset the Index on the Database.

Its pretty forward, Stop the search services, rename (dont delete until you know its working 🙂 ) the index folder, and restart the services again.


STOP search services
Microsoft Exchange Host Search             (If you still are using RTM, you wont find this service… and, update 🙂
Microsoft Exchange Search service
Locate the mailbox database physical file:
Get-MailboxDatabase “<mailboxdatabase name>” |fl name,*path*

Go to the folder where the dabasefile is located. Rename the “GUID” folder

IF you for some reason should have more databases in the same folder, the INDEX folder starts with the MAILSTORE’s GUID.

Get the GUID: Get-MailboxDatabase “<mailboxdatabase name>” | select guid


START search services
Microsoft Exchange Search service
Microsoft Exchange Host Search
INDEX health

Now we wait until we got healthy index’s again. This part can take some time.

Index-state_a Index-state_b

At the start, all is unknown, and one by one, the status will be updated to healthy.

Try searching again 😉


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