Exchange version (Powershell)

Ok – the post today, is simple and short What version is your Exchange server? Easy –   Get-ExchangeServer | fl name, edition, admindisplayversion, serverrole   This yields something like: Name                : SVREXCH01 Edition             : Enterprise AdminDisplayVersion : Version 15.0 (Build 913.22) ServerRole          : Mailbox, ClientAccess   If you want to see, what other properties you […]

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Exchange – Lync – Contacts (duplicate)

Remove duplicate contacts in Lync       I have been fighting quite a bit with this one. In short – yes, the contacts can be deleted one by one via the OWA – but with 2500 duplicates – and unable to mark multiple contacts, I didn’t really think this was the way to go. So […]

Out-Gridview – Powershell

Im not sure if there is a freeware or built-in log-viewer for the AX AOS trace logs, but never the less, I needed one today – and I thought; Why not just make one quick in Powershell and use GridView. I personally think Out-GridView is way underrated (unused) so ill make a AX AOS log-viewer with GridView. […]



The User Profile Service sercive failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded

  I had a Windows 2012 server, only the administrator could logon to. Every new login was meet with following message and then rejected.   After looking a bit in the event log – we find entries with id: 1509: Windows cannot copy file \\?\C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v15\Configuration17788_100.sqm to location \\?\C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v15\Configuration17788_100.sqm. This error may be caused […]

Powershell, Calendar.. Kalender.. Kal…. eh?

I often run scripts through a number mailboxes, and mostly its setting default permission on users calendars. (as an example).   If you have done this in a multi language environment, you will quickly run into a common problem. Is the users folder (calendar) called Calendar, or Kalender (danish – could be in any given language). […]

powrshell - calendar


Getting users SID, or reverse

I had a few tasks concerning migrating AX from one to another domain. What was needed (after the users was migrated) – was an update of the users SID in the UserInfo table.   First you will need to get the users SID (from the new domain). Dont let the whole AX thing distract you. Its all […]

Online Archive: Cannot expand the folder

I use the online archive function provided by Exchange 2013 (not the 365 online!), and suddenly i get this message via Outlook 2013 when i try to open it: Cannot expand the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened. Microsoft Exchange is not available. err.. yes it is After a fair amount of searching, […]

Archive-cannot be opened


Reset Search Index on a database, in Exchange 2013

So we had this problem – when making a search (in this case – mails received between 2 dates), outlook showed what seemed to be random or half of what expected. The solution was to reset the Index on the Database. Its pretty forward, Stop the search services, rename (dont delete until you know its […]

Skype contacts. Import to Outlook 2013

Exporting Skype contacts. I was tasked, exporting a number of users’ Skype contacts, during a move from Skype accounts to corporate Lync. The accounts were not bound via så you couldnt “just see them” in Outlook as one might expect.   It all fine at first. Depending on language, you simply open Skype, go […]


Installing a passive Flash player (no update)

I got really tired of flash prompting for updates all the time, and further more – the install-string are complex and somewhat not always getting the job done anyway (atleast thats how i fell – might be lack of knowledge   but they vary a lot from versions and different people and so on).   […]